Works Fast to Get the Job Done Quick

Green Means go

MOO GLOO is the ONLY hoof blocking adhesive that lets you know it's mixed right every time!


Is all it takes to secure the block. Only 1 to 2 minutes to move on to your next cow-stomer.

*From application of block to hoof in ideal conditions.

no sagging

Our adhesive doesn't run, drip or sag so it stays where you put it with no waste or mess.


The high- quality, consistent results you expect. Every hoof. Every time.

Works on Wood, Rubber and Plastic Blocks

  • Mixes green so you know when the adhesive is ready to be applied.
  • Strong enough to eliminate the need for expensive re-blocking.
  • Specially formulated to aide helping by treating lameness in dairy cows due to afflictions requiring the removal of pressure from the hoof.
  • Suitable as a repair adhesive to fill cracks in hoof walls of most livestock.
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