How to Use Moo Gloo

Green Means Go!

In just a few minutes, you’ll go from trim to release with these six easy steps.
The most important things to remember are: (1) Make sure to prime the tip until the adhesive comes out our famous green color.  (2) Moo Gloo sets fast, so you’ll have just a few seconds after laying your adhesive on the block before it starts to set. That’s why it’s important that you get the block on the hoof and aligned quickly. Temperature can play a big part in set and release times, so these may vary.

Print & Take Data Sheet

▽ Step One

Trim the hoof

Trim the sound digit of the hoof as flat as possible.
Clean bottom of digit thoroughly.
Remove all loose or stained hoof material.
Application area must be dry.

▽ Step Two

Prep the Moo Gloo

Place Moo Gloo in the applicator gun. Remove cover, snap off cap and attach the mixing tip.  

Next, equalize the cartridge by pointing mixing tip straight up and squeezing the lever to eject any air bubbles along with the blue and yellow resins through the mixing tip.

Continue until color is consistently green. Discarding small amount ensures a perfect mix.

▽ Step Three

Quickly add Moo Gloo to block

Quickly lay a thick layer of adhesive on the block.

Apply a steady squeeze of the lever for best results.

Remember, the clock begins ticking and the adhesive begins to set as soon as the adhesive hits the block.

▽ Step Four

Immediately Place block onto hoof

Quickly place the block onto hoof.

At room temperature, you only have 3-4 seconds to press the block onto a well-prepared digit before the adhesive starts to set.

▽ Step Five

Align & hold block in place

Press and hold the block in place until the resin begins to set, usually
about 6 - 8 seconds.

▽ Step Six

Wait 2 minutes & release animal

The animal can be released when your thumbnail can not be pressed into the excess adhesive at the side of the wooden block, about 1 to 2 minutes.

A new mixing tip must be used for each application.